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  1. Dead friends! Time to publish the results of the action on 3000 dollars: 1 место - CherepashkiNinja ($1200) paid 2 место - msq ($900) paid 3 место - SkillAndExp ($450) paid 4 место - ComeBack ($300) paid 5 место - RDTB ($150) Thanks for everyone, who participated in our action! Remind, on the new Craft-PvP 100x (opening November 30) will similar action on 4500 dollars but with the new rules!
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    Как-то уныло звучит!

    Дам и об х1200 написано.
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    Правила форума / Forum rules

    Читать на русском Forum rules Ketrawars Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility for their violation. After confirming the registration, you automatically agree with the general Rules of the project KetraWars.com 1. General provisions of the forum and recommendations 1.1. Administators monitors the forum, actions and discussions of users and, with special needs, intervenes, based on the Rules of the Forum. 1.2. Administators has the right at any time to change and go beyond the scope of the Rules 1.3. The topic or message created by any participant is the property of the forum, not the owner of topic. 1.4. Themes should be created in sections of the relevant topic. 1.5. Personal messages of forum participants are not moderated. 1.6. Modes are subject to PM containing insults, if available, provided, screen. The fine is imposed in accordance with the Rules. 1.7. Obscene language and insults are forbidden. 2. Wishes to the users of the forum 2.1. Before you create a problem topic, use the search function, perhaps the answer already exists. 2.2. Quoting an interlocutor is minimal or not to quote if your message goes next. Multiple repetitions of the same, especially on the same page are superfluous and clog the forum. 2.3. Personal messages, private discussions - useless or useless for other participants in the flame - transfer to the mode of "privat-communication" (PM) or use e-mail. 2.4. The design of the title is essentially, with a display of the problem, not emotion. 2.5. Creating a topic in the appropriate section and in the form indicated, this ensures a faster resolution of the problem. 2.6. As a preventive measure, after the removal of the offending message, the Administration may use the following penalties: Oral warnings (which is also an Official Warning or Official Request) in the infringing message; Warning; Prohibition on writing messages; Account blocking, ban; Permanent account ban; Ban on the IP-address. 2.7. In case of violation, the Administration has the right to block the IP-address, which was used for this purpose. You should carefully monitor the persons using your access to the network to avoid confusion when it turns out that your IP address is banned due to other people's violations. 3. Violations and panishments 3.1. The explicit and covert insult of the Administration on the forum and in private messages is forbidden Punishment: иlocking of forum accounting from 1 month or more, at the discretion of the Administrator. 3.2. Any action that depresses the reputation of the project and the Administration, as well as dissolving rumors, disinformation, threats of any kind to the Administration is prohibited. Punishment: blocking forum accounting from 1 month or more, at the discretion of the Administrator. 3.3. Сreating themes that have a mate in their name, CAPS, Translit are forbidden. Punishment: access to the forum in read mode up to 2 days. The title is subject to correction. The author will receive a warning. 3.4. Flood and spam is forbidden: writing one word per line; writing all the words in uppercase; repetition of one line; advertising and anti-advertising; numerous creation of non-bearing sms load; the topic is not created in the corresponding section. Punishment: correction or deletion of messages, at the discretion of the Administrator/Moderator. The author will receive a warning. 3.5. Threats: we will not tolerate threats to either the administration or the players. Constant threats will lead to the closure of access to the forum. Punishment: towards players, opponents - blocking from 2 days, with a relapse forever; in the direction of the administration - blocking forever. 3.6. Post messages / avatars / screenshots / pictures / captions containing text / images is forbidden that violate forum and server rules: Pornographic Racial Politically motivated Images of an obscene nature You will receive a request in the forum's forum about eliminating this violation. If you ignore it, the Moderator will do it for you. If you return to the site deleted, you will be denied access to change this option. Punishment: the author will be given a warning. 3.7. Wrangling and challenge the actions of the Administration is forbidden. Punishment: messages will be deleted. A warning may be issued to the author. 3.8. It is forbidden to publish interviews with the Administration, or their contents without prior approval. Punishment: messages will be deleted. 3.9. Explicitly or implicitly to advertise other games, any other third-party projects is forbidden. Punishment: lock forum accounting forever. 3.10. Writing about leaving the server or leaving a group of persons from the server, as well as to encourage other players to stop the game is forbidden. Punishment: lock forum accounting from 1 month or more, at the discretion of the Administrator. Closing the topic of the set, if any. 3.11. Discuss the punishment established by the Administration is forbidden. Punishment: messages will be deleted. The author can be given a warning. 3.12. Using in communication at the forum Translit is forbidden. Punishment: delete the message. The author will receive a warning. 3.13. Distribution of links is forbidden: dissemination of references to other projects; distribution of links to sites - traps and bluffs, where the login and password from the account are requested for the issue of something for free. Punishment: lock forum accounting forever. An exception may be a clan site, or any other site that at the discretion of the moderator / administrator does not harm the game resource (for storing videos, photos or gaming F.A.Q.) Advertising of other projects entails a ban on IP. The distribution of links for fraud entails a ban on IP. Advertising products, Internet pages, etc. strictly prohibited - forum in read mode for 2 days. 3.14. Flame: if someone does not share someone else's opinion, the discussion begins and this, by no means, means there must be a verbal contest of insults. Insulting someone is not allowed, and severe punishment will be applied. Each participant is responsible for his word. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech. However, this freedom should not be taken lightly, since obscene language on the forum is forbidden, users are insulted, and a veiled mat is banned. Punishment: depending on the severity of the violation: Offended - forum in reading mode up to a day. A veiled math forum in reading mode up to 24 hours. Foul language - forum in reading mode up to 2 days. Any of these violations towards the Administration from the month and forever. In the direction of the moderator in the performance of a week to a month, with the penalty imposed by the uninterested party (not the moderator himself). With a change in reputation. 3.15. Explicit and implicit, insulting a player's relatives, etc is forbidden. Punishment: blocking forum accounting for 10 days. 3.16. Bumping: there is no need to publish the same question several times. Spend your time looking for the answer to the problem. Punishment: a repeated warning is issued for repeatedly repeating an existing topic. All the repeated topics, questions and answers will be deleted. 3.17. Crossposting, double-posting, flooding: if you have a question, post it in one suitable forum section, not all of them. You will not get a quick response - your records will either be deleted or only the first one will be left. Cross-posting is considered very annoying, as it makes it difficult for users of the forum to give an answer. Punishment: a warning will be given, with a change in reputation. In case of relapse, a fine of up to 2 days is imposed. 3.18. Discrediting the project is forbidden. Punishment: at the discretion of the Administrator. 3.19. Publicly on the forum of the project to stipulate any kind of transactions not related to the project KetraWars.com is forbidden. Punishment: delete the message. 3.20. Uttering and debate favorably on undermining the credibility of the project in a negative way is forbidden. Punishment: delete the message, temporarily lock the account. With relapse - ban forever. 3.21. The forum does not allow multiple registration, that is, setting up a single account by one user without prior approval from the administration. If there is a suspicion of multiple registration, the Administration of the forum conducts an investigation, as a result of which it can decide how to block all accounts. The rules of the forum are valid for every participant of the KetraWars.com project and there are no exceptions, we hope that this list will help you avoid such violations, as well as will teach the correct use of this resource. Faithfully yours, Administration of KetraWars!
  4. Читать на русском Project rules KetraWars Ignorance of the rules does not absolve from responsibility for their violation. After confirming the registration, you automatically agree with the general Rules of the project KetraWars.com 1. Administration 1.1. The guidance of Administration are binding. If player does not agree with moves of Administration, he should follow to next order: - Follow the guidance of Administration; - In the prescribe manner appeal moves one of the Administration. 1.2. When a member of the Administration appears near on of the players, player are obliged to stop all fightings if they were conducted and do not resume them until the representative of the Administration leaves. 1.3. Flood in relation for Administration is forbidden! 1.4. Insults, threats, any public comments on their moves/inactivity in game and forum are forbidden! 2. Creating the character 2.1. Creating nicknames like: Administartion, Admin, GM, Support, Sawadee, Siaaa is forbidden. 2.2. Creating other people's nicknames that humiliating other players or nicknames including adult language and deliberate use of other people's names. 2.3. Restoring the characters deleted for violations or accidentally deleted by the owner, produced individually. 2.4. The losted skills and property (expect for those lostthe explicit fould of GMs) are not restored. 2.5. Forgotten and losted account/password are not restored. 2.6. The owner of the registration e-mail for the account is the owner of this account. 3. Communication and game process Communication 3.1. Putting the character in public places on speech macros or flooding are forbidden (speech macros means regular repeat the same phrase more often than once every 30 sec). 3.2. Using adult language or insults for other players as well as veiled and abbreviated adult language (Private, Clan, Alliance chats are not considered) in game/ forum are forbidden. 3.2.1. Direct and covert advertising of other projects (titles, signatures, etc.) are forbidden. 3.2.2. Advertising of any services, sites, things are forbidden. 3.2.3. Creating and using casino (from other players). 3.2.4. Distribution of game-things and deliberately inform about withdwawal from the project are forbidden. Game process 3.3. Obstruct the player in the form of restriction of movement with the help of other players is forbidden. 3.4. Leaving in cities and on TP animals and summoned creatures is forbidden. The radius of following a pet or creature is no more than 600. During a PvP/PC, a pet or creature should be no more than 300 from the owner. 3.5. Closing access to not yours pets or creatures is forbidden. 3.6. Buy and sell game values and items for real money or virtual units to payment systems (wmz, wmr, etc.) is forbidden 3.6.1. Paid exping of characters for real money (not drivering when another person is exping on your character, but paid exping by a group of people, for example destro-pack). 3.7. Sale of accounts for real money or virtual units in payment systems (wmz, wmr, etc.) is forbidden. 3.8. Unauthorized access to accounts of other players is forbidden. 3.9. Stealing inventory and objects from the game-things is forbidden. 3.10. Inventionally remove mobs from spots with the aim of bugging and breaking game mechanics. 4. Programs 4.1. Using of programs not provided for in the Files section of Ketrawars.com for the natural functioning of the game is forbidden. 4.2. Using of programs for extraction of resources and trade on a macro, without the participation of the owner is forbidden (extraction of resources means collection of orphan resources, killing mobs, etc.). 4.3. Using any programs interfering with the server operation, to some extent. 5. Using a bugs 5.1. Intentionally changing the skills, stat and other character settings without the material and time costs set by server rules, duplicating items in the game, pumping skills and casting magic through a wall or a closed door (except for magic inflicting zonal damage) is called using a bug. 5.2. Using a bugs isabsolutely forbidden! 5.3. Telling anyone about the detected ones, or seen them using someone else's bugs, expect Administration. 6. Help for Administration 6.1. Administration of the server Ketrawars.com encourages all players not only to comply with the Project Rules KetraWars.com but also to promote the establishment of order. If you witness a crime - attach a screenshot confirming this fact (screenshots send to * .jpg or * .rar format), on the forum in the technical section. 6.2. Assistance in the disclosure of serious crimes, the surrender of new bugs is financially encouraged. 6.3. The deliberate misrepresentation of the Ketrawars.com server Administration and libel on other players is absolutely forbidden. 7. Clans and alliances 7.1. The clan is created by the community of players. The alliance is created by the Clan community. 7.2. Putting names, titles, names of clans, alliances, abbreviations of clans and alliances, insulting other players or simply containing vulgar vocabulary is forbidden. Using images that offend to ethical standards (an icon depicting a clenched fist with a straightened middle finger raised upwards, as well as badges depicting fascist and nazi symbols) is absolutely forbidden. Both in the game and on the forum. 7.3. Epic jewelry produced by the efforts of the clan - belongs to the clan leader, until the clan leader himself determines who will get this jewelry. The clan leader has the right to return the epic to the costume jewelery that his clan members stole while raising the drop from the epic boss. After the transfer of the epic jewelry to PL, it becomes the property of the PL and the clan leader does not have the opportunity to recall this jewelry. (only for java servers) 8. Tournaments and events. 8.1. General rules for all tournaments and events: 8.1.1. Flooding (expect for Trade-chat), attacks, murders, casts of any mass spells, casting spells of players dropping stats, casts of pets and creatures is forbidden. Except when they are needed to participate in the tournament/event. 8.1.2. On ANY tournament held on KetraWars.com it is necessary to come fully prepared in accordance with the announcements announced in the Announcements or Hero chat exclusively by representatives of the Administration requirements! During the tournament/event, GM does not issue or correct things, etc. Players who do not have the things declared for the tournament/event are teleported to the nearest city, without the right to participate in this tournament/event. 8.1.3. Participate in events/tournaments, only one character/game window. 8.2. For different types of tournaments and quests, the Administration may develop different rules than the general ones, which are announced immediately before the start of events on the KetraWars.com server forum or in the game. 9. Aggravating circumstances 9.1. Aggravating circumstances include: - Infringement of server rules of KetraWars.com by group of players - Multiple infringement of the rules of the server KetraWars.ru by one player - Trying to deceive the Administration or mislead the Administration - An attempt to hide bugs from the Administration or try to "bargain" with them for themselves gambling and not only blessings When determining the punishment for a relapse, the standard sentence is increased two or more times until the permanent ban of account. 9.2. The Administration reserves the right to make any decisions, regardless of previously agreed and established rules, regulations, announcements and other news. The Administration reserves the right to delete or block any account or thing on the KetraWars.ru server and also on the forum without explaining the reasons for its actions. The rules of the game are valid for every participant of the KetraWars.com project and there are no exceptions, we hope that this list will help you avoid such violations, as well as will teach the correct use of this resource. Faithfully yours, Administration of KetraWars!
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    В скором времени опубликуем.
  6. Читать на русском Hello, friends! With another action we decided to please our dear players! This time it does not depend on skill, but on randomness. So, the action "So lucky". The action starts after the opening (November 30). The chat will be announced immediately after someone completes one of these tasks. Sense of action: The first who catch Wild Magic (WM - active or passive) in Arcana Mace will receive 75 dollars! The first who catch Duel Might (DM - active or passive) in Draconic Bow will receive 75 dollars! Let the random be on your side! Regards, Ketrawars!
  7. Читать на русском Good day, friends! We want to reward the strongest PvP-players and we're happy to announce the start of the action "Hero of Olympus", that can prove their superiority on the Great Olympus! The action starts at the time of OBT. Your goal: Get TOP 3 of Olimpus (on points). Reward: 1 place - 45 dollars 2 place - 30 dollars 3 place - 15 dollars Successes on the battlefield! Regards, Ketrawars!
  8. Читать на русском Dear friends! We'll destroy some stereotypes: "Without purchased clans online will be too small" - This is not true! Our last 1200x broke this stereotype, but in advertising we will invest the maximum amount of finance. Our project has a very large audience, and the server, the backbone of which will be players configured for a long game - this is the key to stability. "The server will die a month after the end of the action" - Nope! In 8-12 weeks there will be a merger with the Eternal x100 [OLD], in which there are now 3-4 warring clans, hundreds of solo players and the economy as at the start of almost all two-week competitors. Recall server 3 years! $4500 for common players! We are glad to present to your attention an action with a prize fund of 4500 dollars! In addition to the title "Strongest on the Interlude," the winners will be awarded financially. The task for everyone who desires victory is simple - to fight every day, getting rid of competitors, and to prove that you have no equal! Award for the strongest: 1 place - 1800 dollars 2 place - 1200 dollars 3 place - 750 dollars 4 place - 300 dollars 5 place - 300 dollars6 place - 300 dollars7 place - 300 dollars We will not show duplicity and invite "top clans", paying them the salary behind-the-scenes. Winners will be determined by the number of points collected at the time of the end of the action. We hope common players will appreciate our idea and desire and will begin to form their own clan communities. Important conditions: It is forbidden to occupy prizes in twink-clans (punishment: zeroing points on all clans). To get paid the last 2 weeks of the game, the clan must attend at least 50% of game events (epic bosses, sieges, etc.). Clans that will score points in the first 2 weeks and stop going to server events will be automatically withdrawn from participation in the action. Detailed information about scoring: Money for occupied places will be added to the clan leader on the WebMoney wallet. The administration is not responsible for how exactly the clan leader will share the reward with the clan, etc. The action starts at the time the server is opened and runs until January 1, 00:01 (the period of heroism from 30 to 31 December will be counted). Detailed description of the server.
  9. Greetings, dear friends! Many players were outraged by the fact that on the x1200 server, where the action for 3000 dollars is being held, one dominant clan was able to seize almost all prizes for the main and additional clans, thereby taking away the prize money from other clans that tried. On the new x1200, the administration absolutely did not intervene in the gameplay and until the end of the action it will not do this, but we made a number of conclusions for the new Craft-PvP x100. On the new x100 server there will be the action for 4500 dollars, and so that the prize fund is distributed as fairly as possible, we introduced a number of rules: It is forbidden to occupy prizes in twink-clans (punishment: zeroing points on all clans). To get paid the last 2 weeks of the game, the clan must attend at least 50% of game events (epic bosses, sieges, etc.). Clans that will score points in the first 2 weeks and stop going to server events will be automatically withdrawn from participation in the action. Good luck and good mood!
  10. Siaaa

    За справедливость / For justice

    Приветствуем всех наших друзей! Многих постоянных игроков возмутил тот факт, что на сервере х1200, где проводится акция на 200 000 рублей, один доминирующий клан смог захватить почти все призовые места на основной и дополнительные свои кланы, тем самым отобрав призовые деньги у других кланов, которые старались. На новом х1200 администрация абсолютно не вмешивалась в игровой процесс и до окончания акции делать этого не будет, но мы сделали ряд выводов для нового Craft-PvP х100. На новом сервере х100 будет акция на 300 000 рублей и чтобы призовой фонд распределился максимально справедливо мы ввели ряд правил: Запрещено занимать призовые места твинко-кланами (наказание: обнуление очков на всех кланах). Чтобы получить выплату последние 2 недели игры клан должен посетить минимум 50% игровых событий (эпик боссы, осады и тд). Кланы, которые завоюют очки в первые 2 недели и перестанут выходить на мероприятия сервера будут автоматически сняты с участия в акции. Всем фарту и хорошего настроения!
  11. Читать на русском Epic bosses: All epic bosses are tied to the evening respawn Chance of drop of jewelry with Core and Orfen - 100% In the drop of Core and Orfen added 7-10 Top Life stone, 4-7 Giant's Codex The entrance to Zaken opens at 19:30 in MSK QueenAnt every day from 20:00 to 22:00 MSK Baium every 5 days from 20:00 to 23:00 MSK The active time is 120 minutes He falls asleep in 20 minutes Valakas every 11 days from 20:00 to 21:00 MSK Activity time 120 minutes He falls asleep for 30 minutes Leaves 20 minutes Frintezza every 2 days from 22:00 to 23:00 MSK Activity time 60 minutes Antharas every 8 days from 20:00 to 21:00 MSK Activity time 120 minutes. He falls asleep for 30 minutes. Leaves 30 minutes. Zaken every 2 days from 19:30 to 20:00 MSK The door opens at 19:30 Moscow time for 5 minutes! Сore every day from 17:00 to 18:00 MSK Orfen every day from 18:00 to 19:00 MSK AOE works only on Zaken! All information about respawn can be viewed in the game through the command .epic
  12. Читать на русском Varka Outpost location is no longer relevant (all monsters was removed). We do this exclusively for the benefit of the server, because this increases interest in the game! Will be introduced after the morning restart, October 31st. Regards, Ketrawars!
  13. Читать на русском By tradition, Blazing Swamp location is no longer relevant. We do this exclusively for the benefit of the server, because this increases interest in the game! Will be introduced after the morning restart, October 31st. Regards, Ketrawars!
  14. Читать на русском Dear guests of our homely Ketrawars, we congratulate you on the grand opening of the x1200 server. For the first time in the history of Lineage 2, a server for solo players opened, which gathered more than 3 thousand people united by one goal - fun and pvp. In our server you will not meet representatives of clans on the salary, whose goal is to play the required amount of time for a certain amount of money, and then change the server. All players who are now on the game server - do it out of personal motives. Mass pvp battles have already begun in Ketra and Varka, new clans and new favorites are emerging. Organized the first trips to the Epic. All the things for which we are all gathered. This x1200 will be the best PvP project on Ketra thanks to you, our favorite players. Special thanks to everyone! Active actions for you: "So lucky" - 150$ for luckers3000$ for common players

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