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  2. Читать на Русском Dear friends! At once we will destroy some stereotypes: "There will be a hachside, OPclan and take all the places." No! Top clans do not play without prepayment and weekly payments, on the server x1200 such clans can play for a maximum of 2 weeks, our project is clearly they will miss. "Nothing will change, the server will come simple clans that play for salary" - No! None of these clans can play a month. If they can - we will be happy, but with a probability of 99.99% we will not have them. "Without purchased clans online will be too small" - This is not true! In advertising we will invest the maximum amount of finance. Our project has its own very large audience, and the server, whose backbone will be players tuned for a long game - is the key to stability of the server. "The server will die a month after the end of the action" - No! In a month there will be a merger with the old x1200, which now has 5 warring clans, hundreds of solo players and the economy as the start of almost all two-week competitors. Let's remind, the server 4 years! 200.000 rubles ($3000) for common players! We are glad to present to your attention an action with a prize fund of 200.000 rubles! In addition to the title "Strongest on the Interlude," the winners will be awarded financially. The task for everyone who desires victory is simple - to fight every day, getting rid of competitors, and to prove that you have no equal! Award for the strongest: 1 place - 80.000 rubles ($1200) 2 place - 60.000 rubles ($900) 3 place - 30.000 rubles ($450) 4 place - 20.000 rubles ($300) 5 place - 10.000 rubles ($150) We will not show duplicity and invite "top clans", paying them the salary behind-the-scenes. Winners will be determined by the number of points collected at the time of the end of the action. We hope common players will appreciate our idea and desire and will begin to form their own clan communities. Detailed information about scoring: Money for occupied places will be added to the clan leader on the WebMoney wallet. The administration is not responsible for how exactly the clan leader will share the reward with the clan, etc. The action starts at the time the server is opened and runs until November 19, 00:01 (the period of heroism from 12 to 18 November will be counted). Full description of the server - more details >>>
  3. Читать на Русском Date of opening: October 19 at 20:00 (UTC +03:00) Date of OBT: October 16 at 20:00 (UTC +03:00) Chronicles: Interlude Platform: Java The most of stable x1200 server in the world! Our old x1200 server has been running for 4 years without wipes and will never close there is now a very strong economy, a high online and the best stability in the world. The new server x1200 will be merged with our old x1200 server in time, so you can be sure of stability starting on our new x1200. Characteristics of the server System of clans - WITHOUT PURCHASED CLANS Sub-class and Noblesse NPC buffer GM Shop GateKeeper Olympiad Enchanting Auction Farm zones Castles: Raid Bosses 76+ Ketra Boss Epic bosses Respawn of Epic Bosses Additional server commands:
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  5. Доброго времени суток, наши ценные игроки! Конкурс репостов - наша традиция, без которой уж совсем никак. Награда будет поделена между 5 победителями: Условия конкурса: 1. Подписаться на данное сообщество. 2. Сделать репост этой записи. 3. Сразу закрепить на своей странице (минимум 7 дней). Награда будет выдана в течении нескольких дней после старта. С уважением, администрация.
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    Добрый день. Вопрос актуален?
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    Strider Soulshot

    is the question relevant?
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  13. Read in english С удовольствием вещаем о событии, которое мы привыкли называть "Бонус-старт". Начни играть на наших серверах прямо сейчас и получи полезные бонусы. Акция распостраняется на такие сервера: x1200 PvP - премиум-аккаунт на 7 дней для всех новых персонажей New х100 Craft-PvP - премиум-аккаунт на сутки для всех новых персонажей
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    Bonus Start on x100 and x1200 servers

    Читать на русском With pleasure we broadcast about the event, which we are accustomed to calling the "Bonus Start". Start playing on our servers right now and get useful bonuses. This is distributed to such servers: x1200 PvP - premium account for 7 days for all new characters New х100 Craft-PvP - premium account per day for all new characters
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