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  1. Здравствуйте. Передал тех. администрации о данном баге.
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    Тех. раздел доступен.
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    Технический раздел временно недоступен. Решаем проблему.
  4. Читать на русском Date of opening: August 23 at 20:00 (UTC +03:00) Date of OBT: August 20 at 20:00 (UTC +03:00) Chronicles: Interlude. Official assembly: AdvEx PTS. Rates: 1x. Improved version of the perfect world of Aden This version of the game will contain only the best of the concepts we have previously developed. This start will combine the uniform exping of most of the server and dynamic development without the tedious waiting for new stages of the world Lineage 2 Server features: Interesting features and changes will be announced soon. Olympiad from level 40 (need 2nd profession). Phased introduction of game content. New assembly (AdvEx PTS) The opportunity to earn real money for all players. Destroyers under the active Frenzy/Guts/Zealot hit with a peak only 3 targets. Trade center - Dion. Teleport to Dion is free! All teleports are free up to level 30. New protection agaist bots/clickers/spam etc. New Olympiad system: Start of Olympiad - September 2. Olympiad available from level 40 (need 2nd profession). Period of Olympiad - 1 week. Reward for Olympiad - heroic glow and hero-chat (until 5 phase). Project phases 1 phase (opening) 2 phase (August 30): 3 phase (September 7): 4 phase (September 14) 5 phase (September 28) About phases: In total there will be 5 phases. Dates for introducing phases are clearly indicated in the server description. Each new phase will be accompanied by strong advertising support. The main advantages of the new concept: Evenly exping most of the players. A large concentration of people in locations. Stimulation for fun and pvp, because when you reach the limit in the level you want to fight with other players! For a much longer life of the project due to the introduction of new updates. Each grade equipment will unfold for you in a new way. This is definitely something new and interesting. Earn real money by playing with us: For several years, Lineage 2 has become not just a super popular game and a favorite hobby, but also a real source of income for thousands of players. Hundreds of people have left their unlo ved jobs and are replenished daily with "Black Market" goods. Alas, this was a rather risky business before the appearance on the game servers of its own exchange, where each player is able to sell their game items for real money and absolutely leg ally. At the Ketra exchange, deals are made every day for more than 100,000 rubles, and the most resourceful sellers earn up to 200$ a day. How it works? You sell your adena through your control panel at auction for a unique currency A unique currency can be withdrawn through a personal account on your Qiwi wallet with a commission of 30% A unique currency can be listed in the game at the rate: 1 unique currency = 1 CoL The exchange will be available on [?]. Changes to rewards in quests: Blood Fiend was 42,130 adena, became 4,213. Dangerous Seduction was 102,680 adena, became 10,268. Bard’s Mandolin: was 10,000 adena, became 1,000. Warehouse Keeper's Ambition 212 for item, one-time paymant, without changes. Support: Opposition againts bots (permanent ban of accounts and access to game). Control of "black market" (purchases followed by a permanent ban). Online monitoring of the economical situation of the game world and analysis of the necessary changes. Support team that is ready to quickly answer all your questions. Seven Signs: Period - 2 weeks Start of event - August 26 Available necropolis and catacombs from server opening: - Necropolis of Sacrifice - Catacomb of Heretic - Piligrim's Necropolis - Catacomb of Branded - Necropolis of Worship Merchant Mammon and Blacksmith always located in Catacombs of Heretic Epic bosses: Since the opening of the server in the first phase there are no epic bosses available. After the introduction of the subsequent stages of the description will be supplemented. Sieges: In the first stage there will be no sieges. Since the manor is disabled on the server, the Castle Box is issued to the castle invader (if the castle is held, it is also issued). The contents of the Castle Box can be discussed here. List of game commands: .help - shows all commands .time - shows the current server time .expon - turn exp gaining on .expoff - turn exp gaining off .timeleft - remaining rune time Unmarked game points are exactly the same as the official game servers in the Interlude сhronicles. The description may change.
  5. You need to re-download files from our site, link.
  6. Читать на русском Shop is divided on 2 parts: NPC Donate and Alt+B panel. In both you can buy different services and items for Coin of Luck (replenishment through control panel). Alt+B panel Jewelry Weapon Armor Other Accessories ClassMaster
  7. Ответил.
  8. Имею ввиду очки обнулятся. По поводу игровых предметов - нужно уточнить у коллег.
  9. Первое нарушение по данному пункту - тюрьма с возможностью освобождения при условии частичной очистки инвентаря. Второе нарушение по данному пункту - блокировка всех аккаунтов. Правила действуют для всех.
  10. Какой прокси лагает?
  11. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will try not to repeat this.
  12. Вы потеряли свою тему, а вините нас. Я отписал уже в ней. Будьте внимательнее!
  13. Локации периодически проверяются. Укажите ники подозреваемых.
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