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  1. So i guess no interests... Cya ingame then
  2. Well i guess ur out of luck... we are all men cya arround
  3. KurioS


    Well i opened a topic before, and i cant reply nor can i quote ... could i get the approval please ?
  4. Nope from Greece but if u speak english and we can communicate its all good for us!
  5. nope Greece and Canada, but if u speak english its all good for us!
  6. Hello to all the ketrawar community! We are 3 well rounded players in Lineage over 10 year of experience each! We were looking for a server to join and we fell upon Ketrawars, and decided to Join! We play almost all classes we can play ~8 hours a day each, but if there a special hour that we must log in we will be on, unless we are working ! ... We do have our jobs to attend to so if u need a 16 hour player its not us! We are about 30 years old so no sh1t will come from us! The cp that we are looking for must have high expectations for example go after epic raids etc... so therefore it should be with a medium to strong side in the server or else we will stay solo and farm ! .. and just play pvp ! If you show us faith u will be well rewarded from our skill! Either way HAVE FUN ALL CYA INGAME "KurioS
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