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Описание сервера / Server description

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Date of opening server: June 30 in 20:00 (UTC +03:00)
Date of OBT: June 12 in 20:00 (UTC +03:00)

Chronicles: Interlude
Official assembly (EURO PTS)


Official characteristics of the Interlude x1 server:
Not designated game moments exactly coincide with the official game servers on the Interlude chronicles.

Server rates:

  • Exp: х1
  • Sp: х1
  • Adena: х1
  • Drop: х1
  • Spoil: х1
  • Seal Stone's: х1
  • Quest Reward: х1
  • Raid Boss: х1
  • Epic Boss: х1


Server features:

  • Official assembly (EURO PTS)
  • The best implementation of Interlude Chronicles on the Internet
  • Added a unique raid-boss with a daily revival. Anyone who can hit the raid-boss, after his death, will receive a free rune of experience for 2 hours
  • The opportunity to earn real money for all players


Server without donations that affect the game.

  • There are absolutely no things and weapons in the donation
  • In the donation are available: PA, runes and accessories
  • Buying 1 and 2 professions


Earn real money by playing with us.

We did not separate one from another. For us, this game is business, for you our business is a game. So it was, but now, it will be different. Lineage is our game with you, which brings real financial profit for both the administration and the players of the project. Any gaming thing you can sell at auction for real money, without the risk of being blocked by the administration. Earn real money by being a virtual trader in the market, a dragon killer or even a fisherman. You will find hundreds of professions for earnings in your favorite game, without getting up from your chair and doing what you love.


How it works?

  • You sell your lot through your private office at auction for a unique currency
  • A unique currency can be withdrawn through your account to your Qiwi wallet with a 25%
  • A unique currency can be listed in the game at the rate: 1 unique currency = 1 CoL


Raid-boss, which will rally all the server staff.

Added a unique raid boss with a daily revival. Anyone who can hit the raid boss, after his death, will receive a free rune of experience for 2 hours.


Why do we need a new raid boss?

  • Introduction to the server of their traditions, creating a cozy and kind atmosphere.
  • The cohesion of all people, to achieve a common goal - to get runes for 2 hours.
  • Daily fun and entertainment.


Why did we decide to do this?


Over the years, Ketrawars has been the mainstay of quality Interlude servers, but we have not reached the bar, where our expectations would have been translated into reality. And the reality is that despite all the efforts, hundreds and thousands of hours work of our excellent developers, have not been successful in bringing the workability, smoothness and stability of the Java assembly to the official gaming worlds on the same chronicles.

The point, of course, is not only in the programming language, but also in the expectations of the players, what they want now and what they would like in the future.


Toast by birth


Having created the first project of the complex in June 2014, our popular x1200 gave a community of bread and circuses. Having marked the birth of a new participant in the gaming industry, he simultaneously gave hope to fans of the oldest chronicles in the honest and most important in the constant game. For the spite of all competitors and rancor, the server did not live for 1-2 weeks, but gave the players a whole epoch of a fan lasting 3 years, its days are not numbered yet and it will please the players for a very long time.

### (Here an applause and a small pause) ###


The fate of x1200 was not easy:

- It was the first server in history to have been exposed to thousands of ddos attacks capable of blocking a small country in Europe - that's why we learned to protect our gaming worlds from almost any attack.

- He was our experiment in testing game policy, class balance and, of course, in commercial efficiency - thanks to him we found the elixir of the eternal life of any server.

- Hundreds of times the creators of bot programs and control programs have bypassed protection and tried to disrupt the balance of power among the players, giving one the opportunity to be in the game 24/7, and depriving others of difficult sleepless nights - thanks to all of you and ours, we found non-trivial ways to protect and minimize The influence of third-party software in the life of the server.

- It became the longest Interlude project in the history of Lineage servers - thanks to the first x1200, we won your trust and showed our ability to work.

But alas, our story is not about him. Let the first pancake and did not come out as a lump, he became a parent for our main idea. It was worth mentioning his name in our toast for the birth of the new, immortal creation of "Ketra."

### (ovations and whistles and raise glasses ) ###



PvP servers, Craft-PvP servers, multi-craft, server with add-ons and GvE projects - it's all very nice and cool, but not that. They, if they do not kill the whole essence of Lineage, then at least deprive you of the lion's share of content and, of course, emotions. Realizing this, there is a sediment on the soul, as the players and we have. We could not get from the Bay-Barakhta and open the x1 server on the official PTS assembly, there were a lot of pitfalls in the implementation of protection and some of our chips (A "Ketra", without chips can not). A little less than a year, we torture our new server, bringing it to the maximum perfection. No, this does not mean that we took into account everything, but at least a couple of thousand minor flaws, we corrected or modified their essence. Applying to our newborn server our elixir of eternal youth, we revealed the essence of Lineage 2 Interlude in its very essence.


Online ... or what lies ahead

We are waiting for a series of wonderful achievements and unpleasant incidents. As on any Ketra server, we do not exclude the possibility of small errors and minor incidents. We will overcome them, correct them and become even better.

And now, we are putting all our efforts into finalizing the server and launching a global advertising campaign. We do not measure the budget in certain quantities and do not put any limits on this column in the budget. Are ready to reach the maximum on-line of our server and we will make all that is required for achievement of this purpose. Having reached the result, we will not stop at the top, but we will build a ladder beyond the horizon, embracing all new and new audiences. 


Are you still waiting for the answer to the question "Why"?

Well, if you still do not have enough or you missed something, we will sum up our story about the first and long-awaited offspring of Ketra:

  • The longest-running Interlude server in the history of Lineage
  • The most popular chronicles without "Newfangled" chips
  • The most stable PTS assembly under the guidance of competent administration
  • Administration, which keeps its word in front of the audience
  • Equal opportunities for players and donators
  • Keepers of the stability equation =)
  • Earn real money on your favorite game, even a fisherman or merchant
  • Be confident in the future - the servers will not close, and the memory will not be erased

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