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Триумфальное открытие / Triumphal opening

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Dear friends, here comes the time when we can inform you about the long-awaited results of the opening of our x1 server. Most of our report you saw first hand, playing from the first minutes or watching the channels of respected streamers. But the real figures are hidden from your eyes and are visible only to a few administration staff.


We will not enter into polemics with you and prove completely useless for you figures, which are necessary only for our analysts. But to those to whom our words are not only an empty sound and a set of color images, we are happy to report that the discovery exceeded our expectations.


Honestly, we did not even expect such a horde of players besieging our server login. We expected to get only a piece of cake, and eventually took everything, even crumbs.
Of course, this is not the whole contingent of Interlude Chronicles, the version of which this year has turned 10 years old. Only absolute professionals and connoisseurs, who like all the game aspects, not just the fan and pvp.
It seemed that it was simply impossible to find ardent connoisseurs of true x1 in such quantity and even unrealistic. How wrong we were, but it was nice. This is an excellent indicator and an excellent result of the relationship of our round-the-clock work and your precious trust.
Starting a new server is a difficult time for any project, alas, we again did not get into exceptions. There were small ddoses, there were strong friezes and unscheduled restarts. Together with you, having overcome this path of becoming, we climbed Everest of all the low-end Interlude servers with TOP Online.
Let's not go around the bush around:
We believe that this is not the limit. Those who are now in cares / affairs or on the road will come to us. Summer is in the yard, it's time for holidays. The classic concept allows players to join in even months and years without losing the quality of the game. Many appreciate such servers already with a developed economy, an extensive market and join much later.
For those who wish to join:
  1. Sign up
  2. Download patch

We wish you:
Great incomes, Free spots, Worthy loot, Free buffs, Successful crafting, Active PLs, Live raid-bosses.

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