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Start OBT of the new PTS x1 - June 16 at 20:00 MSK

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Dear players!

June 16 at 20:00 MSK will start uncommon open beta-test of absolutely new PTS x1.
With your help we'll test all stages of game process together!


  • opportunity to get real money (more)
  • all players starts from 1 lvl without opprotunity of changing (only by the game-way)
  • bag with CoL's will be in your inventory for reference with Donate-Shop
  • after OBT all chars will be deleted
  • "Race before the start" running out on June 24 at 23:59 
  • the second stage starts on June 25 at 20:00 and will continue until June 28 at 23:59 (full OBT with all functions: instantly changing level, getting any weapon and armor etc.)


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