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Instruction of patch for clans

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russia-flag.png Нажмите здесь, чтобы прочитать статью на русском языке

Hot keys:

  1. Disabling all effects on Page Down button (soulshots, potions etc).
  2. Disabling all shadows on Page Up button.
  3. Displaying FPS and frame delays on Alt+End or End buttons.
  4. Disabling the fog on Alt+Home or Home buttons.
  5. Controling of gamma on Alt+[ and Alt+].
  6. Controling of contrast on Alt+; and Alt+'.

The analogues of the commands are added, both old and new commands are available:

/unstuck-----------------— now—-----------— /soe 
/invite nickname---------------— now—----------— // nickname

/friendinvite nickname--------— now—----------— /fr nickname 
/target nickname--------------— now—----------— /t nickname
/dismiss nickname-------------— now—----------— /del nickname
now the macros on a noble RB is placed "/ t Flame of Splendor Barakiel"

Animations (added):

  1. Added a new optimized animation of the heals of the bishop (type Body of Avatar).
  2. Added a new animation for skill Hydro Blast.
  3. Added a new optimized animation for skill Aura Bolt.
  4. Added a new optimized animation for skill Aura Flare.
  5. Added a new optimized animation for skill Aqua Splash.
  6. Added radius of passage mass bans of Necromancer.
  7. Added radius of passage debuffs of Overlord.
  8. Added a new optimized animation for debuffs of Over and disabled (grenn circles).
  9. Added animation of warning about cast Flames Of Invincibility.
  10. Added animation Flames Of Invincibility, blue circle, 3 sec before time is out he's becomes red color.
  11. Added a new animation of skill Spell Force + highlighting the target of this skill.
  12. Added a new animation of skill Battle Force.
  13. Added displaying when char under Ultimate Evasion.
  14. Added displaying when char under Angelic Icon.
  15. Added icons for skills overhead: (Celestial Shield, CounterAttack, Ultimate Defense, Dodge, Force Barrier, Frenzy, Guts, Zealot, Mystic Immunity, Servitor Empowerment, Snipe (7 sec), Sonic Barrier, Touch of Life, Vengeance).

Animations (optimized):

  1. Optimized animation of skill The Honor of Pa'agrio.
  2. Animations buffs overlord and restoring skills (regen hp, cp) are displayed only on the Over.
  3. Optimized animation skills Aura Flash.
  4. Removed the effect (animation) when under malaria.
  5. Now the animation of the Sonic Rage skill at the Gladiator is visible at an attack speed of over 830.
  6. Mass animations are optimized.


  1. Added a rollback of skills in % on the skill itself.
  2. Added icons PP by Over's buffs (for example, the Over's buff Might showed its icon, and now the red axe icon will show the icon from the PP).
  3. All malaria is transferred to a buff (resulting in a time duration).
  4. Added display of malaria levels.
  5. Increased the speed of rotation of the camera.
  6. Infinite zoom.
  7. Removed from the chat ("You used").
  8. Noblesse is moved to a debuffs and displayed as an aura (inclusion icon).
  9. Changed the chat and its colors, as well as removed errors in the texts.
  10. Animation casting heals (and noblesse) now without fading.
  11. The Wisdom of Pa'agrio and Soul of Pa'agrio of Overlord added to the debuffs.
  12. Added maps of which were not (catacombs, necropolis, moss, cruma, etc.)
  13. Added icons for skill from LS (Item Skill). https://ibb.co/evfOcc

Folder "Дополнительно" in patch:

  1. Active window (useful for streamers so that viewers do not have a slideshow when folding the game).
  2. Added new colors when sharpening weapons (so you can see how many weapons are stolen)
  3. Added standard colors when sharpening weapons.
  4. Added a file that removes glow weapon (gives an increase in FPS).
  5. Added the ability to turn off the animation of the magic nipple (gives an increase in FPS).
  6. Added files l2.ini with the ability to use without frame mode and use more memory.
  7. The ability to use standard animation and standard optimized animation is added.

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