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Successfully start of Ketra x1!

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Super-Start of new Ketra x1 server!


KetraWars is always ready to surprise players. This time we successfully launched our brand new x1 server with a huge online, despite the old, but still relevant and popular Interlude chronicles. Yes, yes, 12 years Interlude is the most popular chronicle, and 4 years of Ketra retains a leading position in them. Our complex is able to meet all the needs of our players, both in quality and in the number of players in every game world.

Alas, this time we did not reach the new "Record" mark, but we were able to collect a very large online at the start of x1. The peak point almost reached the round mark of 4600 players. As the practice of past openings of x1 servers shows, the main backbone of Ketra is tightened in the coming days, when the starting locations will be free and players will be able to comfortably perform initial quests and quickly join the game process, rapidly catching up with the ever competing masses of players from the start.

As always, we made a number of small but rather stupid mistakes, which, joyfully, did not affect the gameplay and were eliminated during the first minutes of the start. Unlike previous discoveries, all the mistakes were so insignificant that it can be considered a mega-successful start, and online is not just great, but really high. Unlike other game projects, we know the difference between "Starting online" and "Total number of regular players" who visit our x1 day after day and arrange a fan on it.

Plans for the future - actively engage in advertising a new server x1 on all fronts. The target is exceeding our online record some time after the start and make this server the longest playing and living of all our previous ones.

We congratulate you with our opening and wish you a decent game and a delicious drop!

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