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Уравнение новичков и бывалых бойцов на OLD х1200

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Hello everyone, in order for new players to have a chance to stay on OLD 1200x and get the opportunity to achieve everything through play, we made a decision:

  1. Now a pvp zone will operate on dino island 24/7
  2. Now on dino island all gear will work as +6
  3. Now all LS will stop working on dino Island
  4. Now epic will stop working on dino island


What is it for?

  1. The influx of new players
  2. Real PVP dino battles


Doesn't it make sense to have a boost?

  1. No, because all things are decided on epic bosses, other farm locations, Olympiad, etc.

The law comes into force on 22.11.2020 (morning restart)

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