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  1. Humanitarian assistance to all FOR NEW X100 PLAYERS Due to the difficult situation, our team decided to organize humanitarian assistance to all players at the upcoming Craft-PvP x100, which will open on May 6th. All players will be provided with: Free Premium Buff (before the server merge) Coupon for any classic accessory Opportunity to receive 12 hours of free Premium Account every day for voting To receive humanitarian aid, We are waiting for you on May 6, at 20:00 (UTC +3)
  2. Her name is Sonia. This is all that is known about the merchant, seemingly ordinary, but extremely secretive. Talk to her to learn more about her story (if you can get her to talk). Important information Event start 22 April, at 10:00 Completion 30 April, at 07:35 Place NPC Centre Goddard'а The task of the players Go hunting in Varka Orc Outpost, Ketra Orc Outpost or Monastery of Silence (don't forget that locations rotate by day), get quest items from monsters and bring them to Sonya the merchant. Sony range
  3. Her name - Sonia. This is all that is known about the merchant, seemingly ordinary, but extremely secretive. Talk to her to learn more about her story (if you can get her to talk). Important information Event start 22 April, at 10:00 Completion 30 April, at 07:35 Place NPC Centre Giran'a The task of the players Go hunting in Varka Orc Outpost, Ketra Orc Outpost or Monastery of Silence (don't forget that locations rotate by day), get quest items from monsters and bring them to Sonya the merchant. Sony range
  4. The date: 3 May | Time: 22:00 (UTC +3) Format: 9х9 Tournament features: The tournament is fully automated. Number of wins to move to the next round: 2. Number of losses before elimination in the final: 3. Fight time: 200 seconds (if the time runs out and the teams are alive - the results are determined by the amount of damage dealt). Reset sharpening to +6. Skills with LS, epic jewelry, resurrection scrolls, quickies - disabled. Classes: unlimited. Buffer: Free premium buff. Registration: Registration is carried out at a special NPC GvG Event (located at the entrance to the church of the city Goddard): Registration will open 15 minutes before the start of the tournament, at 21:45 (UTC +3) To register in the party must be 9 players; the party leader must start a dialogue with the NPC GvG Event, write the name of the team and press the button "Register". Reward: 1 place: 9000 rubles to the balance of the game account (1000 rubles per participant) 2 place: 7200 rubles to the balance of the game account (800 rubles per participant) 3 place: 4500 rubles to the balance of the game account (500 rubles per participant) Rules: It is forbidden to use bugs, flaws. It is forbidden to stand up during the battle of other players. It is forbidden to interfere in someone else's battle. It is forbidden to attack before the start of the round. It is forbidden to insult the participants and violate the rules of communication. Forbidden use: BSOR (all types), GHP. It is forbidden to register twink-teams (limit on 1 HWID).
  5. Читать на русском 100,000 rubles the strongest clans Promotion start: 28 Martha, 00:00 | End of promotion: 28 April, 00:00 The essence of the action A traditional action to increase the motivation of players to be active at server events and create new communities for further joint development. Clan reputation List of clan reputation sources. Rules and clarifications 1. Creating an additional clan in order to outnumber opponents is prohibited. 2. Cooperation, joint play, assistance in accumulating points between clans are prohibited for the duration of the promotion: - first offense: verbal a warning; + teleportation to the city - second violation: fine for 50% points earned at the time of the violation; - third violation: fine for 100% points earned at the time of the violation; - regular violations: instant prison when spawning on an epic; disqualification. 3. The action is controlled by the administrator Monah. Important clarifications: Clan restriction - 18 human. To receive payments for prizes, a clan must attend at least 50% of game events (epic bosses, sieges, etc.). Those who accumulate points in the first 2 weeks and stop attending game events will be removed from the promotion. To receive payments for prizes, a clan must have at least 12-14 members (clans with a smaller number of members that comply with all other conditions will not receive a reward). Money for the occupied places will be credited to the clan leader. The administration is not responsible for how exactly the clan leader will share the reward with the clan, etc. Award for prizes 1 place - 40,000 rubles (20,000 rubles to wallet, 20,000 rubles per PA) 2 place - 25,000 rubles (12,500 rubles to wallet, 12,500 rubles per PA) 3 place - 20,000 rubles (10,000 rubles to wallet, 10,000 rubles per PA) 4 place - 10,000 (5,000 rubles to wallet, 5,000 rubles per PA) 5 place - 5,000 (2,500 rubles to wallet, 2,500 rubles per PA)
  6. @zaraza1399, здравствуйте. ОБТ завтра, в 20:00. Вынуждены были перенести в связи сложившимися обстоятельствами в мире. Сообщали об этом у себя в телеграмме: https://t.me/ketrawars_net
  7. @Galandec Здравствуйте. Попробуйте удалить папку system и обновить клиент. Если это не помогло, то скачайте этот патч: https://cdn.ketrawars.net/files/java/ketrawars-patch-v.32.2.zip
  8. Читать на русском On all KetraWars servers, we are launching the "Valentine's Day" themed event. Go hunting, fight monsters and get items that you can exchange for a gift. By opening this gift you will receive one from the list of items: the drop list is different for each server. Dates Event start February 14 at 10:00 Moscow time Completion February 21 at 00:00 Moscow time What servers All KetraWars servers Description Mobs will now drop items that can be exchanged for a gift by collecting a certain set. For each server, the list of items and drops is different. Choose the server you play on and read the description: Remastered x10 PvP x1200 MultiCraft x100 PTS x1 Remastered x3 Happy Valentine's Day, KetraWars team loves you!
  9. Читать на русском Friends, we are in a hurry to announce Bonus Start on the new Remastered x10. We are launching an additional advertising campaign and giving all new players a boost, thanks to which they will be able to catch up with those who have been with us since the opening. Bonus start starts February 23, at 12:00 Moscow time Registration Game files Server Description Bonuses for all newbies Items will be received by everyone who created a character after the start of the event D-Grade Equipment Package - set with weapons, armor and jewelry: All items are personal. Time limit: 30 days. Can be stored or removed. You can open after receiving the first profession. For mages: Elven jewelry set Mithril set Staff of Life +4 For warriors: Elven jewelry set Carapace set Bonebreaker +4 Bastard Sword*Elven Sword +4 Glaive +4 For thieves: Elven jewelry set Carapace set Manticore skin set Mithril Dagger +4 Light Bow +4 Soulshots (D-Grade) x3000; Blessed Spiritshots (D-Grade) x1000; Клуб Бафф (3 days) Soulshots (No-Grade) x5000 Blessed Spiritshots (No-Grade) x1500 Cloak of White [Regeneration & PvE] (3 days) Mithril Belt [Autoloot] (3 days) Lucky Clover [Exp/Sp/Drop/Adena/SS +30% on the 1 hour] x3 Rune of Drop Adena 30% (1 hour) x5 Rune of Items Drop 30% (1 hour) x5 Epic Fragment Rune (3 days) х1
  10. Читать на русском Greetings to the entire KetraWars family Contact Roman About x10 server and budget On February 4, 2022, the Remastered x10 server started on the modern Fafurion client and the GOD build - an ultra modern and progressive solution, there are actually only a few analogues. In total, about 3,000,000 rubles were spent on the creation and development of such a modern client. The advertising budget was about 700,000 rubles. Starter online We (administration) and our players are used to seeing a full house at our openings, at least 2000 live players, in the best of times there were 5000 online (the first interlude x1). Opening Remastered x10 and spending so much energy, time and money on it, we honestly counted on high online and very cool feedback. Having opened the server, on the first day of the server we recorded about 1200 unique HWIDs (this is not enough for ketra) and to be honest, we were a little upset, on the second day, according to tradition, online is getting higher and higher, but this time on the second day we saw 1100 unique HWIDs . Many people noticed that there is no high, familiar online for ketra and were upset not wanting to continue the game further. I, Roman, decided to present my thoughts and strategy for the development of Remastered x10 in this thread for those who already play or those who plan to start playing. What's next server x10 For our team, our players have always been, are and will always be the most valuable asset. We are interested that our players receive only positive emotions from playing on our server. And we will do everything to make our players proud that they play on ketrawars. Further actions for Remastered x10: Continuation and strengthening of server advertising after the start, i.e. right now and beyond. Launch and advertise weekly bonus starts to attract new players. Maximum support for all our players. Release of a referral system for players and streamers. After a while, the x10 server will be merged with the x3 OLD server and an eternal x7 server will appear. We promise that as long as our project is alive, there will never be wipes. All game characters and values will always be with you. Планы на будущее The next server from ketra will be interlude x1200. It is the x1200 server that does not intersect with the remastered x10 and does not interfere with it. Many of our players have been waiting for x100 for a very long time and want exactly x100, but we are preparing a completely new game for x100, a client, something that will not just be another good start, but something that will really be a novelty and a surge for the Java industry. OLD server. x1 interlude, x3 remastered, x100 java, x1200 java. It was decided to pay more attention and advertise separately each OLD server. For x1 interlude there will be its own advertising campaign, for x100 Java it will have its own and for x1200 it will have its own. We want our OLD players to be the ones who bought bitcoin at $100 each. Our OLD servers are our attitude to our community, this is our reputation, this is us. Raise your shields for KetraWars!
  11. Читать на русском Remastered x10 launched The server is open folks. With which we congratulate all of us! A little reminder of where you are and what is happening here: the concept of the Remastered x10 server with a free buff for all players is focused on comfort and pleasure. It's still the same lowrate, but with comfort. The server is ideal for those who enter the game only in the evening. Online is great. There are no lags. The concept is wonderful. Friends, we are pleased with this discovery and really want you to enjoy this masterpiece. After the opening, we strengthen the advertising campaign. The influx of players will increase, we will see the ceiling of online in 5-6 days. Attention: the server will work without wipes. After a while, he will unite with our Eternal x3. After merging two x10 and x3, an Eternal x7 is formed, which will work without wipes. All characters, items, achievements will be saved. Playing on our server, you can be sure that when you log in in a year or two or three, you will be able to find your things where you left them. Download Torrent Client Sign up Sincerely, Ketrawars team.
  12. Читать на русском 21.01 The fishing system has been completely disabled. Quest items from fishing for profession 3 added to alt+b for adena; The quest "Reward for good work" (a shortened quest for the 2nd profession for 3kk) has been changed, the required amount of adena during the passage has been reduced to 900k; Changed drop rate from regular raid bosses from x3 to x2; The amount of epic jewelry drops from Epic bosses has been changed: Core, Orfen, Queen Ant, Zaken - 2 parts Valakas, Antharas, Baium, Frintezza - 1 part Epic Boss Frintez is now an instance zone (in development) Removed Priests from all Epic Bosses Added auto-learning skills from lvl 1 to 19 The principle of operation of buffs of summoners and crafters has been changed. All buffs from this list now do not require the mandatory presence of a summoner or crafter in the party, but are buffed in the classic version: Gift of Queen Blessing of Queen Gift of Seraphim Blessing of Seraphim Case Harden / Embroider / Hard Tanning / Restring / Sharp Edge / Spike Added the ability to buy D-grade Spiritshots and Soulshots for adena in alt+b: Soulshot Pack rank D - 40k adena Pack of Blessed Spiritshot Grade D - 70k adena Spiritshot Pack rank D - 40k adena Added the ability to buy 1 profession for Adena, and also disabled the ability to buy for Coins of Fortune. Set purchase price - 25k adena Free buff sets have been added to the club buff: Warrior set Set for the Mage Be sure to update the files through the Updater! Download Updater
  13. Читать на русском Heroes of Olympus Traditional OBT competition among amateurs Great Olympiad with cash prizes Results: The reward will be issued before the start to the accounts of the winners. Description: From Friday to Saturday (January 28-29) competitions at the Great Olympics will be held. Arenas will be open from 18:00 to 24:00 Moscow time. The task of each participant: to obtain the status of a Hero. Important clarification: in three hours before the start of the competition, a full test server wipe will be performed. Also, to obtain the status of a hero, it is necessary to conduct a minimum number of battles - 15. The maximum available number of fights is 70 Reward: Each hero will receive 1,000 rubles to the balance of the game account.
  14. Читать на русском Pre-launch race for 30,000 rubles We create conditions, as at the official opening, and reward the most talented Results: The reward will be issued before the start to the accounts of the winners. Description: On January 30, at 20:00 Moscow time, we will hold a dress rehearsal of the launch: everyone will start developing from scratch. The main task of the players is to reach the highest possible level. The finish will be announced on February 1 at 20:00 Moscow time. All OBT features will be disabled. Reward: TOP 5 players by level will receive 3,000 rubles to the balance of their personal account Players who take 6th to 10th place will receive 600 rubles to the balance of their personal account Players included in the TOP 50 by level will receive 300 rubles to the balance of their personal account
  15. Читать на русском Action # 7 | Super reward for completing all tasks Everyone is given the opportunity to complete 5 tasks: Action # 1 | Forum Action # 2 | Vkontakte Action # 3 | Telegram Action # 4 | Instagram Action # 5 | Discord Action # 6 | Facebook For each completion of a separate task, you will receive a prize. But you also have the opportunity to get a super-reward for completing all tasks at once. How do I get a super reward? In order to receive a super-reward, you need to complete all of the above tasks and create a report topic in the technical section with the title "Super-reward for tasks". Report template: Rules and clarifications: Getting the main prize is possible upon completion of all stages and a correctly designed report with screenshots in the technical section Verification of the completion of all tasks and the issuance of a reward is carried out within 48 hours. Please note that the award is issued after checking the completion of all stages. You can complete tasks to receive the main prize until 01/07/2022 inclusive! Reward: Legendary Rune for 10 days (Increases received Legendary Jewelry Fragments by 15%) Hunter's Coin (Increases damage in PVE by 10%, duration 1 hour) Bottle of Beer x2
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