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  1. Oh yeah? That didn't seem to matter in July when they answered to me. It's supposedly a bilingual server, with english support. That little flag at the top of the page and the support information in english should tell you something.
  2. The last answer I got from them was in July. Does that tell you something? And unfortunately for me, I can't close my account from this forum cause, why have an account here if I'm not going to get support?
  3. Keep ignoring me. What a waste of time in this server
  4. How do you run to and answer or change/fix what interests you... I'm still waiting for a month for an answer to my post for The quest "A special order", is still not active. And not that I'm interested, just to ask: do you have thought or do you intend of restrict the number of clients per IP in the Olympics, as well as the number of heroes per player? It's one thing that you can log in without restrictions as many clients of the game as you want, and another thing is that a player monopolizes a large number of heroes by himself. I only ask.
  5. Some haven't realized that there is already an Interlude server here? This thread only creates pointless controversy, and insults from people who have no sense of reasoning. It's the only thing that has been made clear from this poll. By the way, supposedly this had a closing date, I wonder why the moderator didn't close the thread at the time and more when in days a little more than 20 users voted
  6. The truth is that in this chronicle, such a change doesn't make any sense, it could even screw up the experience cause everything is extremely different from Interlude. I ratify my self and confirm that changing this now doesn't make sense, also as you say, the players have already start with a server reference point and its characteristics from the beginning
  7. They're not the only ones apparently cause I see it every day. When one leaves it can be but when "many" leave in such a short period of time it is for something, you should ask yourself the "why".
  8. Another quest in the shit. I didn't receive any response to another quest, also important and that they have it disabled in the two paths that it can be done, so don't expect anything.
  9. Of course I can assure you that the drop rate is well below x3. Low drop, and too many coins and millions by some in just a month. This is starting to remind me 4game
  10. AMAZON


    I can't believe that no one on the moderation team is unaware about a so well-known quest is disabled...
  11. AMAZON


    Regarding the wondrous cubic quest ("A special order"), can a mod give an answer to confirm it?
  12. AMAZON


    Ok thanks
  13. AMAZON


    I'm running away from the GOD chronicle, I honestly don't like it at all, and i am watching right now at level 42 GOD skills in swordsinger. I thought this would be max remastering up to hi5, will it be the same in everything? I meant, will this turn into some kind of a version of GOD in the end with removing skills on certein level and the same lvl zones, and so on? I'm kinda lost
  14. AMAZON


    Ah ok ok. I hope so because there are quests that cannot be missed. Today I have used a scroll scape to Talking Island, and I have appeared in the north area hehehe. Yeah, there some many things to fix
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