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Запрещенное ПО! - Forbidden software!

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The modified files were detected. Please use a clean patch.

Dear players!
If you have an error when entering the game "File FILE_NAME is corrupted", then you have forbidden or modified files in the client.
The easiest way to solve the problem is to download the system and install our clean patch (download).

Add-ons for the patch:
  • Add-ons for clans (Put on top of our pure patch) - download
  • Window without frame (toss in folder "system") - l2.ini download
  • Always active window (toss in folder "system") - l2ui.dll - download
  • Disable camera return (toss in folder "system") - user.ini - download

First of all, we went to this step to disable the Interface AI. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use patches that you are familiar with, but we specially made a patch for you with our popular modifications for our server (download).
Patch functionality for clans:
The main heal animations from the BP are replaced with the BodyofAvatar.
All animations of the buff override \ CPU Bay \ "heart \" are replaced with the Shield effect, displayed only on the overlords.
All animations over the debuff are replaced by the animation Haste on the overlord.
Custom animation Seal of Suspension and Seal of Despair (you can see the Range of the Debuff).
Custom cast animation and Flames of Invincibility actions.
Custom Spellforce charge animation.
Custom animation Aura Flash
Custom animation Mass Mage & Warrior Bane.
Noblesse, Arcane Wisdom, Arcane Power, Arcane Agility displayed in debuffs.
Flu and Malaria displayed in debuffs.
Red click-cursor.
And also binds and abbreviated commands. More in the Instruction.txt
If you used the bot L2epic then to remove it you need to do the following:
Safe method:
Run the bot installer (as administrator):
1. Add l2.exe from client.
2. Click uninstall.
Since this bot is installed directly into the OS, it can be deleted only in this way.
This is all dangerous for your Windows, do everything at your own peril and risk
Removing the l2epic bot:
1. Go to the folder:
for х64: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\
для х86: C:\Windows\System32\
2. Find there two files dciman32.dll and dciman.dll
3. Rename the dciman32.dll file to dciman32.old.dll
4. Rename dciman.dll to dciman32.dll
5. Reboot the computer
6. Optionally delete dciman32.old.dll

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