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The hewn diamond of KetraWars x1 on PTS platform!

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russia-flag.png Нажмите здесь, чтобы прочитать статью на русском языке


Date of opening server: January 12 in 20:00 (UTC +03:00)
Date of OBT: 
January 5 in 20:00 (UTC +03:00)

Chronicles: Interlude

Official assembly (EURO PTS)


Official characteristics of the Interlude x1 server:


Not designated game moments exactly coincide with the official game servers on the Interlude chronicles.

* The description may vary


scroll_of_verification_i00_0.png Server rates:

  • Exp: х1
  • Sp: х1
  • Adena: х1
  • Drop: х1
  • Spoil: х1
  • Seal Stone's: х1
  • Quest Reward: х1
  • Raid Boss: х1
  • Epic Boss: х1

Etc spellbook red i00 0.jpg Server features:

  • Official assembly (EURO PTS)
  • The best implementation of Interlude Chronicles on the Internet
  • The opportunity to earn real money for all players
  • Destrogers under active Frenzy / Guts / Zealot hit a peak of only 3 targets.
  • Reduced the loss of EXP / SP by 10 times at death (only in pvp and from the clan of the clan), now you can not be afraid to fight in PvP.
  • Trading area - Giran. Teleport to giran is free!
  • All teleports are free to level 30.
  • On the island of dinosaurs, getting the Exp / Sp 1.5 times increased! (Some kind of top spot for packs)
  • New protection from bots / clicks / spam etc.


Etc scroll chalik i00 0.jpg List of game commands:

  • .exp on - enable learning experience
  • .exp off - turn off gaining experience
  • .rune - information about your runes bonus

etc_nobless_teleport_coupon_i00_0.png Olympics

Period of the Olympiad 2 weeks

Etc leaf green i00 0.jpg Monitoring and maintaining the server economy:

  • There are no concessions to bots - ban forever without the right to be unbanned
  • Hard surveillance and bans for RMT on the side (control purchases with a subsequent ban)
  • Online monitoring of the economical situation of the game world and analysis of necessary changes


Etc golden spice new i00 0.jpg Server without donate affecting the game.

  • There is absolutely no stuff and weapons in the donate.
  • In the Donate are available: Runes and accessories.
  • Purchase of 1 and 2 professions

Etc treasure box i08 0.jpg Earn real money by playing with us.


For several years, Lineage 2 has become not just a super popular game and a favorite hobby, but also a real source of income for thousands of players. Hundreds of people have left their unloved jobs and are replenished daily with "Black Market" goods. Alas, this was a rather risky business before the appearance on the game servers of its own exchange, where each player is able to sell their game items for real money and absolutely legally. At the Ketra exchange, deals are made every day for more than 100 thousand rubles, and the most resourceful sellers earn up to 15 thousand rubles a day.

How it works?
  • You sell your lot through your private office at auction for a unique currency
  • A unique currency can be withdrawn through a personal account on your Qiwi wallet with a commission of 25%
  • A unique currency can be listed in the game at the rate: 1 unique currency = 1 CoL
  • The exchange will be available on 02.02.2018.


skillraid_0.png  Epic bosses:


To increase PvP content on the server, respawn epic-rb is changed:

  • Queen Ant 24 hours+/- 1 hour;
  • Zaken 48 hours +/- 1 hour;
  • Orfen 36 hours +/- 1 hour;
  • Core 36 hours +/- 1 hour;
  • Frintezza 48 hours +/- 1 hour;
  • Baium 5 days +/-2 hours;
  • Valakas 11 days +/- 1 hour;
  • Antharas 8 dats +/- 1 hour;

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