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Для стримеров / For streamers

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In order for your live stream to be added to the main page of our site, you must:

  1. Add the word Ketrawars and rates of the server on which you are playing to the name of the live stream.
  2. Place the logo of our project on the live stream, download.
  3. Create a topic in tech. section with the topic name Stream and a link to the running live stream.

Important nuances:

  1. Live stream added to the main page from different platforms.
  2. Adding to the main page occurs only after checking for the implementation of the points indicated above (throw a link to the live stream in the tech. section only after starting the live stream itself).
  3. After checking and adding to the database, your live stream will be automatically added to the main page of our site after the live stream is started (within 10 minutes).
  4. If you decide to stream another game or not our server, inform us in tech. section about being removed from the main one, otherwise you will be blacklisted.
  5. The number of places for live streams is limited, so in the rush, after you turn off the live stream, another streamer will be added to your place.
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