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Mergering of PvP х1200 servers [OLD + NEW]

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Hello, reputable players!

At May 14 (tomorrow) will mergering of PvP-servers х1200 [OLD + NEW]
At 15:00 MSK servers will be unavailable. The merger will take 5 hours, i.е. at 20:00 you can
start play on our, already unified, PvP x1200!

Do not worry about the game values and characters. All will be saved!



  • Scrolls of enchant will be available in GM-shop again
  • Castles and и CH will be relieved
  • Hero will will remain from both servers
  • The problem with the same nicknames is solved by adding a prefix and changing the name once


Thanks to the merger, interest in the server will grow and online will be increased.
We are working for you!

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