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ХАЙП И СТАБИЛЬНОСТЬ - Новый концпет х100!

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Hello guys :12:

Ladies and gentlemen!

We heard a social inquiry about the current BigWar for this season of 100x server, but we don’t want to miss the moment of stability and longevity of the server.

What will happen now:

The server starts with a BigWar "Hach vs BoH", how long this BigWar will last is known only to these clan leaders, because the salaries offered to them have no time limit, in fact - we pay while they play, how much they will decide.

As soon as this BigWar is over for any reason, we announce the contest with a cash prize fund, points, a limit of 2-4 packs etc. Read more here >>>

Conclusion: we have a server that starts with a big and media hype-war and ends with an adequate and stable game of common players who will fight for money and interest!

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