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Рестарт акции на старом х1200, изменение ограничения / Action restert on old 1200x, clan limit change

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My greetings!

Situation on old 1200x during the action on 675 dollars promotion worries a large number of players and this cannot be ignored. The action was created with the aim of diluting the usual everyday life with fun and motivating players to create new teams. But, unfortunately, it did not happen as planned: the clan, currently in the first place in the rating, took the "top" and does not allow other squads to even try to resist by uniting with other clans (in the common lang- 69). The desire and morale of the rest of the teams falls and only one clan farm epics on the server. It shouldn't be that way, and that's what we decided to do.

Resetting the clan points of all clans (complete restart of the action).
Clan limit changed from 36 people to 18 (2 cp).
Ban on uniting and helping each other (control of valuable epics).

These changes will increase the morale of the clans, everyone will have a chance to take a prize in the action. Corrections to the format will be introduced during Sunday (December 27).

Regards, Siaaa.

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